Here you can find some of our artist's NFTs


Ed Winter:

I'm currently working full time for a company over LA as a 3D Artist, but what I wanna do over my NFT space is some really nice JPEGS or short videos that you wanna print and hang, or just see them and have that "Satisfaction " feel

My long-term goals are definitely to upgrade my PC to do faster and better JPEGS and be able to earn some Fiat money to support the small artists and create some sort of a JPEGS Studio with all my frens.

I'm afraid I can't share more of the ideas since my ideas factory is always a WIP so if you believe in my ideas hope you support me on my NFT Journey.

Be sure to support me and this project to get some amazing rewards

Ed's Creations

A place that I've created to enjoy the process of making art, this collection isn't limited by the amount of "generated pieces" is limited by the time I'm able to keep doing art.

Lucky Pepe

Lucky Pepe has arrived for the last stretch of the year to bring all of you the best of luck on the upcoming year and your personal life as well.

Sweet NFT 21

The Sweet NFT Collection was made to enhance this October 2021, last Halloween was supposed to be the perfect one but we all know that covid leave us at home, this year I'll help a bit by giving some candies and surprises what you can expect to get... for free! Candys! Yes, a small sweat is always good so feel free to stop over Ed's Twitter to get yours!

The tiers on them are simple we have the lollypops, and the crackers that everyone can get by interacting with Ed over Twitter but if you feel you might wanna invest in this project we got you with a cool pumpkin bucket! What does the pumpkin have? think about them as a card opening experience like pokemon, Digimon, yu gi oh, etc you name it! They contain a rare ape or an epic cat up to you if you wanna dig in the bucket or keep it for later.

The Earnings

They will go to upgrade Ed's pc and create more art for sure, but in case this goes to the moon Ed personal plans will be to support his family by paying their medical bills